Training (LMS)

Manages the skill matrix/curriculum and allows people to manage their own training plan. The tool enables the creation of training curriculum by role, through the necessary skills, and the creation of trainings (whether they are in a classroom or e-learning). The system also provides graphs and reports for monitoring and prioritizing trainings needs.

Key Functionalities

Key functionalities include the following:

  • Email notifications/alerts
  • Database with trainings (e-learning platform)
  • Link with OPL/Documentation modules – that can be used as training material
  • Automatically manages training needs according to roles/functions (training curriculum)
  • Keeps track of the training history for each employee
  • Automatic reports


  • Standardization (e.g. training materials, skill matrix)
  • Elimination of NVAA to generate reports and to manage training curriculums
  • Control and traceability of performed trainings
  • Improvement on performance management (e.g. indicators, real time information,…)
  • Self development
  • Losses reduction per lack of qualification

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