About Solvace

Solvace was initially launched in 2015 with a focus on Visual Management and Performance Meetings to create deep impact by managing daily improvement opportunities of manufacturing organizations, using a revolutionary software.

As formers Operations and OpExc/CI Managers of large international industrial organizations we have been seen our shopfloor teams wasting time managing paper in their daily routines and not being able to perform the work. At the same time the new generation that is already in the shopfloors was born in a digital world and working with paper only cause frustration.

Taking advantage of our extensive shop floor experience, the entrepreneurial talent of our people and collaboration with leading consulting firms in operational excellence, Solvace aims to bring to life digital transformation to operations. We are the right partner for your digital journey in OpExc!

"Solvace digitizes shopfloor operations creating a step-change in Operational Excellence."
Solvace quote
Renato Basso
Managing Director

What do we believe in

At Solvace we believe that all employees should be able to use the platform (managing actions, suggesting kaizens, reporting unsafe conditions, reporting quality defects…) as part of a Performance Management system.

Our “all you can eat” model enables plants to provide access to all employees using the entire suite of solutions, for maximum impact on your operations, or just start with a few apps to see how your performance improves.

At Solvace innovation is a core value and as part of our continuous improvement culture we are very close to clients listening and looking for new opportunities to improve our portfolio of applications, from new apps to new features.

Solvace About

We help customers optimize their businesses, improve their operations and achieve Operational Excellence.

Privacy and Safety

We are committed to protecting customer data with high levels of data security.


Solvace is digital and mobile, ready to be used in any industry and by every worker, from top management to shopfloor employees.


The Solvace team consistently delivers excellence in everything we do, from the products until the implementation and adoption.


Our capabilities are enhanced by our deep industry expertise and hands-on collaborative approach.


Innovation is part of our DNA. New apps and features are constantly being released based on client feedback and 4.0 and 5.0 technologies.

Customers and partners

Our solutions are made with large international manufacturing companies in mind to improve operational excellence and to drive digitalization. However we noticed over and over that Solvace also generate great results for smaller and local organizations with no formal operational excellence program in place. Mondelez, L’Oréal, Danone, Abbvie… are just a handful companies within our customer base. We play in different sectors such as consumer goods, chemicals, pharma, agribusiness, aerospace and power.

Why choose Solvace

Our main goal is to empower frontline workers with tools to make their job easier but at the same time connecting plants and different organizations in a management system that promotes performance and knowledge management. We are the right partner for your digital journey in OpExc!

  • App based “All in One” platform
  • OpExc driven
  • Empowerment of frontline workers
  • Impact is real
  • Innovation
  • “All you can eat” model
App based
“All in One” platform
Impact is real
OpExc driven
Empowerment of
frontline workers
“All you can eat”









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