Our solutions are made for manufacturing companies who believe that Operational Excellence and Digitalisation are key enablers to improve businesses results.

Customers range from large global manufacturing companies to local players operating in different sectors such as Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Packaging, Process Industry, Automotive, Aerospace, Chemicals and Pharma.

Service organizations benefit from our solutions and often focus on areas such as Visual Management, Performance Management, Project Management or Knowledge Management, boosting their Operations with Operational Excellence.

These Brands Trust Solvace

Why choose Solvace

With Industry 4.0 and 5.0 we are living a new industry revolution where disruptive technologies and data are key enablers to unlock breakthrough opportunities in Operations, both in costs and in topline.

Cobots, Automatic Guided Vehicles, Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics and many other technologies might be part of the journey towards to the factory of the future. The digitalization of shop floor operations is now a must, a requirement to survive and win in this continuously changing world.

Solvace was created to deliver a step change in Operation Excellence and Continuous Improvements programs through digitalization. Our goal is to boost your operations performance, by creating a paperless environment where operators, supervisors and plant managers use their time to work on what really matters and at the same time provide real time visibility and insights to accelerate decision making and promote instantaneous feedback loops.

Our experience on the shopfloor, our multi-level approach, covering core processes and supporting functions, our competitive price structure, makes Solvace the right partner for your digital journey in Operational Excellence.

“All in One”

Solvace is a platform of applications developed to integrate all functions and locations in a single and collaborative database.

Boost the Impact
of OpExc

Results are real and can be measured. Significant hard and soft savings are delivered with the digitalization taking Operational Excellence to the next step.


Innovation is part of our DNA and we are constantly developing new apps and new features as well as incorporating new technologies based on demand and ideas coming from our customers.

Plug and Play

The platform has +25 off the shelf applications and benefits can be delivered from the beginning.


We believe this is not just a software implementation but a change management process. Applications were made for both front line workers (“Operator Centric”) and managers, using a management system layer (“OpExc Control Tower”).

Made by Industry Experts

The platform was developed by experienced hands-on OpExc people in manufacturing. Not by IT people. We speak your language.

“All you can eat”

Our price model enables all employees to use the platform (we don’t charge per user) managing actions, suggesting kaizens, reporting defects… We are a Performance Management system.









Create a step-change in Operational Excellence now!