Main Features

The basic Solvace platform consists of Digital Obeya, RCA and Action Plan, with a single database supporting all functions and apps of the platform. And our customers benefit from Unlimited Users, Unlimited boards, Unlimited forms, within the basic platform licence, everything you need to get started !

As innovation is part of our DNA and as a continuous improvement process based on client feedback and technology releases, new apps and features are launched constantly.

The best way to find out about the most relevant features of our platforms for you is of course to experiment and test for yourself – just request the free trial!

All in One

Complete and connected set of tools to integrated different functions in the same collaborative platform


UI/UX based in market references such as Youtube, Facebook and WhatsApp to promote the adoption

Visual Management

Data from different apps automatically displayed in digital boards and scorecards for performance management

Single database of Actions

Action Plans generated in all apps and by all functions centralized in a single database (source of truth)


Take a picture or record a video to capture evidences or create digital instructions

App based

Marketplace where apps can be selected by each plant living together with existing legacy systems

Connected Worker

Operator Driven platform with a complete set of tools to support frontline workers


Different reports available on each app providing data in all levels of the organization

Electronic Approvals

Fully configurable workflows and electronic signature to manage necessary approval processes

QR code

Automatic QR Code Generator for quick access on the spot of work instructions and checklists


Available in desktops with regular web browser and in mobile gadgets (phones and tables) with Android and iOS apps

Management System

OpExc based tools to support Lean/TPM/WCM/CI programs and promote standardization and knowledge sharing across the organization

Integrated RCA

Root cause analysis tools embedded in key apps for investigation


Real-time time notifications sent to different devices

Perfect Integration

Our APIs connect Solvace with the top enterprise solutions including SSO Federations, ERP, MES, CMMS, LMS, OEE, QMS, Tableau and Power BI.

Security, Privacy, Scalability and Performance

We know that our clients have increasing demands on data security, data privacy and compliance as well as on performance.

Solvace tech team is continuously monitoring the leading approaches in the industry to provide a clean and efficient security infrastructure for our digital products and customers around the globe.

Scalability and Performance

Single Sign-On

Access to Solvace tools with unified corporate login credentials


Quick deploy across multiple locations worldwide


Support to over 16 languages and new ones can be added at any time with little effort


Share and connect with other core systems with our APIs

High Availability

Designed for uninterrupted uptime (>99,5%) and enterprise upscaling

Top Notch Support

On-site training for workers and a dedicated account manager to answer questions quickly

Data Security, Privacy and Control

Role-based permission

Assign roles to users and control access privileges in each app

Automatic Backups

Prepared to protect and restore your data, setting you free to focus on your core business development

Vulnerability Scanning

Continuous scan of security vulnerabilities using top level tools

Audit Trail

Electronic log records of all system events and activities


Data transferred through secure protocols (HTTPS & TLSv1.2)

Threat Detection,
Response & Recovery

Threat detection systems and incident management policy to ensure protection and business continuity


Historical record of application changes and evolution

Data Protection

Commitment to protect customer data and comply with GDPR

International Standards

The Development and Operations infrastructure of the OpExc4.0 platform is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the biggest cloud services providers in the world, with a complete set of Administration, Control and Scalability Services on top of the Quality and Data Security standards, such as:

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