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More than a Connected Worker tool, Solvace is the only Operational Excellence Platform that connects people at all levels and integrates functions both locally and globally.

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More than a Connected Worker Software

A complete Suite of Over 30 apps

Solvace connects everyone, from the front line worker all the way to the management level. Our platform offers more than 30 apps that integrate all Operational Excellence functions and can be packaged according to the needs and maturity of each site.

Defect Tag

Manage the report and resolution of equipment defects. The app provides a digital TPM tag where colors can be configured according to defect category, equipment number read through bar code and photo/video uploaded. The app can also be integrated with Maintenance software to generate automatically work orders.

One Point Lesson (OPL)

Manage the creation and approval of One Point Lessons. The app provides a digital form where OPLs can be created in different formats, from text editor to video. The app also manages approval workflows, versioning and expiration date. OPLs can also be accessed using a QR Code and in Augmented Reality devices.

Cleaning, Inspection and Lubrification (CIL)

Manage the execution of your CIL routes. The app provides templates where cleaning, inspection and lubrication plans can be configured and executed. OPLs can be linked to each check point and defects tags reported when a defect is found. The app also tracks and automatically compares the execution time versus standard..

Kaizen Idea

Manage the submission and approval of bottom-up ideas of process and equipment improvements. The app provides a digital form where ideas can be submitted for approval and execution. The app is also used as database for further reapplication across lines and sites and has a feature to support monthly recognition programs to award ideas.

Solvace has solutions for HSE, Quality, Maintenance,
Education & Training, People, Leadership and much more!

The Power of AI, AR and VR in our apps to Boost Productivity

Using the local/global database, Solvace’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm automatically displays similar problems to help users learn from previous Root Cause Analysis.
Enable hands-free work by accessing digital Work Instructions with Augmented Reality (AR) devices to perform production and maintenance tasks.
Empower your virtual teams and enable remote work by conducting performance meetings in Virtual Reality (VR) environments.

Solvace Improves the Work and Performance of People at All Levels

Meet Jack, the Frontline Worker!

Learn how Solvace empowers frontline workers to become key contributors to the success of Operational Excellence programs, ensuring efficiency, safety and quality across the shop floor.

Meet Juan, the Global Operations Director!

Learn how Solvace helps leaders to standardize processes and consolidate information across functions and lines, both locally and globally.

Solvace Connects People on a Local and Global Level

With Solvace, people from different lines, shifts, functions and locations can collaborate in real time to escalate issues and share ideas using the power of social media and virtual communities. Our Artificial Intelligence is also part of this network, automatically providing people with insights from previous issues. 
Transform your enterprise into a dynamic ecosystem where innovation and efficiency converge.

Solvace Integrates and Enhances all your Existing Legacy Systems

Our APIs enable connection to leading enterprise solutions such as SSO Federations, ERP, MES, CMMS, LMS, OEE, QMS and BI.

As part of our implementation process, our technical team is ready to provide any support required to integrate them with SOLVACE, eliminating manual work and database duplication.

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Solvace Covers the Specific OpExc Needs of Each and Every Industry!

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Solvace has the broadest coverage on the market to digitize your Operational Excellence activities, leading to both higher performance and people engagement.

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