Matrice de Réplication

Manages the process of replication planning, plants roadmap, validation and closure processes. On the reapplication template it is possible to link with a Kaizen or a project, define responsible, define in which plants it will be implemented and define a checklist. The system also provides a report in which the user is able to check the status of implementation of each initiative.

Key Functionalities

Key functionalities include the following:

  • Replication Templates (configurable)
  • Link with Kaizen and MOC modules
  • Database with initiatives
  • Automatic reports


  • Standardization (e.g. forms, documents, database,…)
  • Elimination of NVAA to generate reports and to find related information and documentation
  • Improvement on performance management (e.g. indicators, real time information,…)
  • Control and traceability of initiatives

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