Management of Change

Manages the process of request, analysis/recommendation and approval of changes. The tool enables the registration of responsible (MOC committee) for which the change management request is directed. The system also allows the inclusion of documents and images during the entire process to use as evidences.

Key Functionalities

Key functionalities include the following:

  • Approval workflow (configurable)
  • Email notifications/alerts
  • Database with MOC and recommendations for tracking and follow up
  • Link with Kaizen module
  • Automatic reports – by month, by status, by MOC by person, MOC review by person and recommendations by person (execution and validation)


  • Standardization (e.g. forms, database,…)
  • Reduction of approval time (e.g. waiting time)
  • Reduction in the process cycle time
  • Elimination of NVAA to generate reports and to find related changes and recommendations
  • Improvement on performance management (e.g. indicators, real time information,…)
  • Control and traceability of changes

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