Global Scorecard

Automatically displays the main KPIs of the systems in PQCDSM format. The system provides scorecards at different levels: by site, by country, by region and by category. It is an essential tool for management and for the review process of results at regional and global levels. The system also compares the KPIs from different sites indicating the top plants.

Key Functionalities

Key functionalities include the following:

  • Link with all OpExc4.0 modules and sites databases – centralize all information
  • Views’ settings (KPIs selection)
  • Graphics by KPI
  • Export to Excel
  • Automatic KPIs comparision – by site, by region and by category
  • Automatic reports – by site, by country, by region, by category and global


  • Standardization (e.g. KPIs, scorecard)
  • Elimination of NVAA to generate reports at regional and global levels and to search for results
  • Improvement on performance management at regional / global levels (e.g. real time information)
  • Benchmark among sites (taking benefit of company scale)

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