Humanizing Industry 4.0: Are You Ready for Industry 5.0?

Humanizing Industry 4.0 and being ready for Industry 5.0 are key challenges for manufacturing companies.

Industry 4.0 represents the fourth stage of industrial (r)evolution. It is a combination of physical assets and advanced technologies that communicate, analyze, and process data and information.

It is transforming manufacturing and supply chain processes through connectivity and thereby enabling the use of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) to improve automation, communication and use of real-time data. This enables organizations and customers to be more flexible and responsive and enhances intelligent, data-driven decisions.

Industry 4.0 thus unlocks further improvement potentials and expands business opportunities from product-based to service-based revenue streams.

So, looking at Industry 4.0 we can say that the evolution towards the connected organization has become reality. What’s next?

At EFESO and Solvace we think that Industry 5.0 should have a more collaborative approach than Industry 4.0, including even more collaboration between humans and robots. And a more empowered approach, less top down.

Where increasing bottom line in the past was still very much about control, we think moving forward with Industry 5.0 we need more collaboration, for example, considering workers’ input when implementing new technologies, empower the connected worker to go further.

Key points to keep in mind about Industry 5.0:

  • Promotes talents, diversity and empowerment
  • Is agile and resilient with flexible and adaptable technologies
  • Leads action on sustainability and respects planetary boundaries

To be ready for this next step in the industrial evolution, connected organizations will have to review their processes, data and (software) tools to achieve a new level of collaboration and empowerment.

This webinar will be given in partnership with EFESO.

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